Welcome to The Arthurian Centre

The Exhibition

The exhibition room is sited near to the 6th Century inscribed stone at Slaughterbridge in North Cornwall. More information is now presented on new boards around the site.

The information itself has been updated recently after extensive research over more than 20 years.

This is the only place dedicated to telling the 'story behind the stories' of King Arthur in Cornwall.

Joe Parsons explains : “ We wanted to fire the imagination and stimulate thinking. People have always argued over Arthur and will do so long after we are gone. There is much truth underlying all the stories of dragons, damsels, magic and derring do.

To me, the King Arthur legend strikes responsive chords that are just as contemporarily important today as they have been in any age. It projects an ageless symbolism that everyone enjoys and relates to because they recognise aspects of their own personality within it. Even Star Wars’ used it to good effect!”.

The legend is a collection of gripping stories told against a background of clashing cultures and religious ideas all illuminated by great works of art, music and poetry.